Buy Less, Spread Less, Grow More

Cold Creek Compost’s specially blended Growers Choice planter mixes are formulated to provide the nutrients your plants need to thrive, as well as the proper soil drainage and microbiota. See our product catalog for more information on the formulation of each blend.

Our Growers Choice planter mixes perform on par with the leading bagged planter mixes, at an economical price. See the price comparison below for details.

All of our products are CDFA Organic.

Potting Soil Price Comparison

Potting SoilSold byPrice per Yard*
Growers Choice SelectYard$56
Growers Choice PremiumYard$70
Growers Choice EliteYard$116
Fox Farm - Happy FrogBag (2 cu. ft.)$182
Roots - 707 MixBag (3 cu. ft.)$238
Fox Farm - Ocean ForestBag (1.5 cu. ft.)$238

*Prices are indicative and are subject to change. Check with your local dealer for the latest prices, or fill out our contact form for an estimate. Trucking is not included in the prices.

Agrow-Blend Compost Price Comparison

Agrow-Blend compost is quite likely your least expensive source of fertilizer. It contains more than twice the amount of essential plant nutrients than typical green materials compost. This means that you have to buy half the amount of Agro-Blend to meet your fertilization needs. This reduces your trucking and spreading costs by half, resulting in a significantly lower fertilization cost per acre when using Agrow-Blend compost compared to typical greenwaste compost. See table below.

Typical Greenwaste CompostCold Creek's Agrow-Blend Compost
Typical price per ton delivered$30$76
Typical application rate10 tons/acre4 tons/acre
Spreading cost per acre$400/acre$160/acre
Total fertilization cost per acre*$700/acre$460/acre

*Please note that all values are averages and you should calculate your specific plant nutrition needs and trucking and spreading costs to determine your potential savings from using Agrow-Blend compost.

For additional pricing information, please give us a call at 707-485-5966 or fill out the form below. We’ll be happy to give you a competitive quote. Remember, we can do custom blends to fit your needs.

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We deliver by the cubic yard (Growers Choice potting soil) or ton (Agrow-Blend compost). Minimum delivery is 10 cubic yards or 5 tons.

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