What is the application rate for compost? There is no easy answer to this question. It depends on what your soil needs to correct its deficiencies and how much fertilizer you will need for the intended crop. Typically agronomists and crop production advisors determine this for commercial farms. For winegrapes it is not unusual to apply at a rate of 5ton/acre for a couple of years, then back off to 2ton/acre every second year. Soil blenders will use our Agrow-Blend compost at the rate of 10 – 20% as the nutrient package in a planter mix. For vegetable gardens try tilling in 1 inch of Agrow-Blend compost the first year then 1/2 as much in subsequent years. Something to bear in mind: Agrow-Blend is quite unlike greenwaste compost. Because it is so rich you will only need 1/2 as much for the same fertilizing effect.

Can I plant directly into the compost? No, it is not recommended that you plant directly into the compost. Due to the high nutrient content of the compost, most plants cannot survive. Cold Creek has crafted a special blend called Growers Choice planter mix which you can plant directly into. Please give us a call to discuss your specific needs.

When is the best time to apply compost? You can apply any time of year. Grape farmers usually find it most convenient to apply immediately following harvest. Many till it in and use it as fertilizer for cover crops. Home gardeners can use Agrow-Blend any time of year, as topdress for established plants or tilled in before planting. Agrow-Blend is a finished compost containing no pathogens or weed seeds, therefore it can be planted into immediately after tilling into the soil – no need to wait.

Why should I buy Cold Creek Compost vs. other products? Most commercial composts are produced with only municipal greenwaste and are therefore quite low in nutrients. Cold Creek’s Agrow-Blend compost is made from many high nutrient ingredients including chicken manure – fully one third by weight. Think of Agrow-Blend as a fertilizer with some mulching properties, while greenwaste compost as mulch with some fertilizing properties. Please refer to this nutrient comparison for a cost comparison of using Cold Creek versus the other guys.

What is the cost of Cold Creek’s products? For the typical North Coast farmer the cost of using Agrow-Blend is less than using chemical fertilizer. Please see: nutrient comparison. For price quotes, please call our office at 707-485-5966.

Where can I purchase Cold Creek’s products? Products can be purchased directly from Cold Creek by calling 707-485-5966 or through our local dealers.

Does Cold Creek offer delivery? Yes, Cold Creek provides delivery to Butte, Humboldt Lake, Mendocino, Napa, Yolo, Marin, and Sonoma Counties for full loads (24 tons). For smaller deliveries, please contact our local dealers.

Are there any chemical herbicides or other toxic chemical residues in your compost? No. Our organic sources ensure that our product is clean. In addition, anything that might slip through the cracks is broken down by the composting process. See our latest laboratory test results for two of the more popular herbicide/pesticides here. If you encounter any problems with our product, we’d appreciate you bringing it to our attention.